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2nd May 2017

We have decided to pull Spondulix (price comparison site for finance). With an industry that relies on hiding their prices how can we tell you the exact prices! If you acheive your aim of everyone checking your tool to find out what the price is, businesses at first fail, then after the price war, they all set their prices the same. This figure is likely to be higher than the original price as nobody is competing on price anymore. It turns into a game of cat and mouse which is only fun for the cat and in this case, even if we do actually turn out to be the cat, we get hungry again pretty quick. We did find that other price comparison sites display rates that they say are indicative which don't seem representative so the conclusion is you cannot trust other price comparison sites without question. The best way to find a cheap deal is to login to all the websites and do the calculations. We did find that Azimo and Transfer Wise were the cheapest international money transfer companies at the moment compared to the others we looked at (but the list is nowhere near exhaustive).

We are keeping Time Dial as here the industry does not rely on hiding prices quite as much. Or more so, there are more variables instead of just the cost for Euros and Dollars.

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